Laya’s New Memoir, “When Your Family Says No” Launches to National Acclaim

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Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at 6:36am UTC

When Your Family Says No takes the reader on a journey through Laya’s life as she navigates her ultra-Orthodox Jewish community while trying to keep both faith and love alive in her life. A young woman raised in a controlling household, living in a deeply private community, and educated at a Religious School for Girls, Laya was not expected to continue her education beyond high school, but rather get married and lead a religious life. She had never even been out with a boy until the moment she fell in love with a non-Jewish man who would change her life forever. She then faced a dilemma: What would it take for her to stay true to her love for this person yet stay within family bounds?


Ardmore, PA, January 31, 2023 — Laya’s new memoir When Your Family Says No, is now available! This highly personal narrative shines a light on the secret world of ultra-Orthodoxy, exploring topics such as prayer and lovemaking that are determined by rabbinic law. Through her story, Laya has the reader consider their own family’s boundaries and how these might affect the journey through their own life.

Laya’s memoir is based on her real-life experiences and invites you to follow along on her journey through painful secrets, unconditional love and unexpected heartbreak. It is a story about choice, between loving someone in spite of family traditions or sacrificing that love for the sake of belonging in the community.

In today’s ever-changing world, where individual choice has become more important than ever before, Laya’s work shows us that falling in love should never be restricted by religion or family tradition. Her book gives readers the opportunity to open up to alternative points of view with respect and understanding. She isn’t calling for revolution; rather, she is pushing for an evolution – an evolution that allows us all to honor our families for who they are but also recognizes our own unique needs as individuals.

What sets this book about love apart from other memoirs is its universal appeal – it speaks not just to people raised in Orthodox Judaism but to anyone who has ever fallen in love outside their culture or strayed from familial rules of conduct. When Your Family Says No is sure to captivate audiences around the globe with its powerful message about freedom of choice and unconditional love.

About Laya:

Laya was raised in a traditional ultra-Orthodox home and was destined to become a housewife until her life took an unexpected turn. After initially studying at Yeshiva University, she began working during the infancy of computers, climbing the industry’s ranks to become one of MasterCharge’s first women programmers. Laya went on to found two successful Electronic Data Processing companies serving Fortune 500 clients and was identified by the Philadelphia Business Journal as one of Philadelphia’s Top 25 Women Business Owners. She is also credited with founding the first female club (and business club) table at the Union League of Philadelphia.
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